Advanced NSOperations: NSURLSessionDataTask vs NSURLSessionDownloadTask

I recently posted a question on StackOverflow... Chaining Multiple Async Functions in Swift This eventually lead me to watching the excellent session from WWDC 2015... Advanced NSOperations I have previously used NSOperation and NSOperationQueue but never in a way as powerful as they demonstrated in this session. So, I thought my problems were solved! I downloaded the […]

iOSDevUK 2015

I’m on my way home from another excellent iOSDevUK conference in Aberystwyth. This is the 5th time I have attended and every year it delivers new insights to new techniques and technologies used by everyone from independent developers to huge corporations. This year I’ve been trying to take away some thoughts that stretch over all […]

Animated Sorting Algorithms - Rich Playgrounds

One of the awesome new features introduced in Xcode 7 was the ability to add pages into a Swift Playground. It doesn't seem like much but it's actually a huge addition. It now means that you can combine the rich comment syntax and pages to create amazing learning resources with interactive code and animated views. […]

Animal Browser version 2 - UIStackView, UIScrollView and Swift

Back in October I wrote a short article about using a static UITableView as a device for laying out a page dedicated to a single bit of data. I created a small sample app that allowed you to browse a list of animals and read some details about each one with a picture too. WWDC […]

Storyboards, Nibs or Code - Anatomy of an App.

I have seen a number of excellent posts that explain the differences between storyboards, nibs and code for creating UIs. I have also seen (recently) people asking "should I only use nibs?" and exclaiming "I only ever use code to write my apps". I thought it was about time to add my own thoughts and […]

It's Not Working or How to help your tech support help you.

I've worked as a developer (on various different languages and systems) over the past 6 years. Before that I worked in tech support and help desk support for a couple of companies. Something that has acted as a constant across this entire time are the three words "it's not working". As a developer/tech support person, […]

Using a static UITableView as a layout device

The problem It wasn't long after I started iOS development that I realised that UITableView can be used not just as a way of displaying a list of items but also as a way of managing a vertical layout of almost any interface. Especially when the height of the interface is variable and needs to […]

Controlling "animations" with a UIScrollView

This is something that I've done a number of times myself but also something that I see fairly regularly popping up on Stack Overflow. The idea is to change something based on the content offset of a scroll view. Example of changing the background colour based on scroll position. I wouldn't actually do this in […]