Paint Code Slider

I saw the Humble Bundle today for $19.99 and in it was PaintCode! Definite must buy if it’s still available when you’re reading this. I tried PaintCode a few months ago but never investigated what it could do. When I last looked the tutorials were unhelpful. All they showed is how to produce a static […]

Animate with springs!

Today I was having a look at some of the different UIView animation block methods and I noticed one that I'd never seen before. I read the docs and it is an amazing little function added for iOS 7. The function (which is a bit of a mouthful as usual) is... [UIView animateWithDuration:(CGFloat)duration delay:(CGFloat)delay usingSpringWithDamping:(CGFloat)damping […]

NSCalendar isDate:equalToDate:toUnitGranularity:

During the beta releases of iOS 7 there were several mentions of a couple of new functions on NSCalendar. - (BOOL)isDate:(NSDate *)date1 equalToDate:(NSDate *)date2 toUnitGranularity:(NSCalendarUnit)granularity; - (NSComparisonResult)compareDate:(NSDate *)date1 toDate:(NSDate *)date2 toUnitGranularity:(NSCalendarUnit)granularity; When I first saw these it was awesome. It makes comparing dates a hell of a lot easier and puts a lot of maths […]

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