NSCalendar isDate:equalToDate:toUnitGranularity:

During the beta releases of iOS 7 there were several mentions of a couple of new functions on NSCalendar.

- (BOOL)isDate:(NSDate *)date1 equalToDate:(NSDate *)date2 toUnitGranularity:(NSCalendarUnit)granularity;
- (NSComparisonResult)compareDate:(NSDate *)date1 toDate:(NSDate *)date2 toUnitGranularity:(NSCalendarUnit)granularity;

When I first saw these it was awesome. It makes comparing dates a hell of a lot easier and puts a lot of maths in to one line of code.

The usage is along the lines of...

NSCalendar *calendar = [[NSCalendar alloc] initWithCalendarIdentifier:NSGregorianCalendar];

BOOL datesAreEqual = [calendar isDate:firstDate equalToDate:secondDate toUnitGranularity:NSDayCalendarUnit];

datesAreEqual would then be YES for dates on the same day. Not necessarily the same hour, minute or second, etc...


When the GM of iOS 7 went live, Apple seemingly removed these functions. ::sad face::

Anyway, I've implemented my own version which works in pretty much exactly the same way.

It's a category on NSCalendar.

The header just has the functions.

#import <Foundation/Foundation.h>

@interface NSCalendar (equalWithGranularity)

- (BOOL)ojf_isDate:(NSDate *)date1 equalToDate:(NSDate *)date2 withGranularity:(NSCalendarUnit)granularity;
- (NSComparisonResult)ojf_compareDate:(NSDate *)date1 toDate:(NSDate *)date2 withGranularity:(NSCalendarUnit)granularity;


You can get it on GitHub.

It will also be available shortly through CocoaPods.

Feel free to add it in to your projects.


  1. Yuri Kotov

    Thanks for sharing knowledge about such handy method.

    Two minor comments:

    1. The whole componentFlagsWithGranularity: method can be replaced by int componentFlags = granularity * 2 - 2;

    2. Maybe it would be better to wrap this logic around compare: instead of isEqualToDate: which gives a bit more flexibility? Here is the example.

  2. oliverfoggin

    Thanks for the comment. Apple actually created two functions that they then removed.

    1. isDate:equalToDate:
    2. compareDate:toDate:

    I have now updated the code and added in both of these and also made a cocoa pod for the functions.

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