One app per month

After watching a talk at Refresh Teesside about someone who was making a short video each month for 2012 I have decided to do the same for 2013.

My goal is to start a new app on the first day of each month and then submit to the App Store on the last day of each month.

Given that my average length of development of an app (working on my own) is around 6 months to a year it will definitely help me speed up and streamline the whole process. Everything from speeding up dev time to reducing the amount of feature creep in each app.

Having played a few iPad multiplayer games over Christmas I've also decided on a theme of the apps. They will be...

  • Simple apps. (A requirement of meeting the goal).
  • Multiplayer iPad games.
  • Playable on a single iPad. (Playing from different directions).
  • Free to buy.
  • Each app will then have a link to all the other apps and my website. (Almost like a related series of apps)

I've got an idea already for the first two games I'm going to make. They are both definitely doable in the amount of time I've given myself.

Anyway, I will be starting in a couple days and will post regular updates here. Hopefully I'll have twelve new apps on the App Store by this time next year.

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