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I saw the Humble Bundle today for $19.99 and in it was PaintCode! Definite must buy if it’s still available when you’re reading this.

I tried PaintCode a few months ago but never investigated what it could do. When I last looked the tutorials were unhelpful. All they showed is how to produce a static image onto the iPhone screen with no interaction.

I’ve been looking in to making more dynamic and intractable UI elements using Paint Code. At the same time I thought I’d start a series of tutorials creating different simple UI elements each time.

So, my first on is a slider implementation. I’ve tried to make it as like the iOS UISlider as possible for no particular reason other than the iOS one seems to work pretty well.

Anyway, here's a quick video of what I created...

You can get the repository here... Paint Code Slider

I'll eventually be making a screencast of how I made it but I haven't yet. Come back in a few days and I may have it made.

Anyway, thanks for reading.

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